Saturday, 15 June 2024 19:12

- Mathis Ghio [FRA] and Maddalena Spanu [ITA] are the new Formula Wing European Champions.
- Conditions didn’t allow for the Golden Ticket Race to run; Julia Repschlager [GER] and Jeremiah Mcdonald [NZL] retained their 10th position spot from the fleet racing and progressed to medal series.
- Wind eventually filled in to enable an exhilarating medal series to be completed.
Low cloud and a touch of drizzle made for a very atmospheric day in Silvaplana. With the wind not filling in until 14:00, there was sadly no time to run the highly anticipated Golden Ticket long distance race. This meant that Repschlager [GER] and Jeremiah Mcdonald [NZL] could keep their 10th place spots and thus progress into the semi-finals. As the lightwind filled in, the racing was incredibly exciting, with critical importance of staying in the pressure and making no mistakes. Executing this to perfection were our two new European Champions, Mathis Ghio [FRA] and Maddalena Spanu [ITA].

Friday, 14 June 2024 17:53

- Mathis Ghio [FRA] takes the lead in the men’s rankings.
- Maddalena Spanu [ITA] continues to dominate in the women’s fleet.
- Marta Monge [ITA] and Oscar Leclair [FRA] book their tickets straight through to the finals.

Wingfoilers are certainly a tough breed! Event race officer Mirco Babini couldn’t believe his eyes at the impressive display of “ice gladiators” battling for bullets on the racecourse. As temperatures plummeted to lows of 1˚C, riders completed two races in the morning session to wrap up the qualifying series before the fleets were split and the Gold fleet racing began!

Thursday, 13 June 2024 17:39

- Wind conditions didn’t allow for racing today on Lake Silvaplana.
- Riders went to St. Moritz to enjoy a variety of alternative foiling activities.
Unfortunately, there was no racing today due to inconsistent light winds on Lake Silvaplana. Instead, the riders made the most of the free afterpumfoiling, SUP foiling, tow foiling, and even showcasing an impressive display of lightwind wingfoiling many years and is a paradise for a multitude of windsports and foiling activities.

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 20:17

- Maddalena Spanu [ITA] and Bastien Escofet [FRA] maintain their leads.
- Icy waters and gusty winds create challenging conditions and exciting racing.
- Race wins for France, Italy and Poland as qualifying series begins.
Following some fresh snowfall last night, the mountains of Silvaplana delivered icy conditions for the first day of course racing. It was certainly a ‘head out of the board’ day; riders had to keep an eye on the gusty and shifting winds, as is often the case for mountainous venues like these.
Today’s racing certainly put the spectators of Silvaplana on the edge of their seats! The two-lap races were full of opportunity, with nothing certain right up until the finish line

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 19:06

- 55 riders from 14 countries registered to race in Silvaplana
- The Formula Wing introduces limitations to the equipment each rider is allowed to use at an event
- Newly crowned Marathon world champions, Bastien Escofect [FRA] and Maddalena Spanu [ITA] claim first bullets of the event in the marathon race
The Ensis Engadinwing 2024 Formula Wing Europeans kicked off today in the breathtaking Lake Silvaplana. The Formula Wing marks a significant milestone in wingfoil racing as it introduces limitations to the equipment each rider is allowed to use at an event. This means a rider can register only 1 board, 1 mast, 2 gliders and 3 wings within size categories (6m and larger, between 4.5m and 6m, and less than 4.5m). The riders had to make some tough decisions: should they choose the fastest gear possible, or play it safe with a bigger glider and board combination? This choice could be critical in determining whether they can get up and foil in the lighter winds that Lake Silvaplana is famous for.

Saturday, 08 June 2024 20:03

- Bastien Escofet and Maddalena Spanu claim first-ever WingFoil Racing Marathon World titles
- Oscar Leclair wins 45th edition of The Round Texel Race, in a record breaking 2 hours 2 minutes 51 seconds

The grand finale of the WingFoil Racing Marathon World Championship kicked off to an epic start as 363 vessels hit the start line for the 45th Edition of the Round Texel race. The wingfoil racers were joined by a variety of catamarans and windsurfers for the iconic Dutch tradition, with Texel delivering perfect ‘Dutch Summer’ conditions for the day. After a briefing with top tips by Olympic legend Dorian Van Rijsselberghe, the 40 wingfoilers from 7 countries were ready to hit the water and battle the world titles in the double counter finale, The Round Texel Race!

Wednesday, 05 June 2024 20:47
- 40 competitors registered from around the world to compete in 6 back-to-back marathon races 
- 45th edition of Round Texel to programmed for Saturday 8th June 
- Bastien Escofet and Mariska Wildenberg take first Marathon wins of the week
- Challenging conditions and big shore break keep some of fleet ashore

If you thought 1 marathon was hard enough… try doing 6! That’s the challenge that 40 wingfoilers from around the world have signed up to this week with the final test being the legendary Round Texel race. The 100km endurance finale will count for double points towards the overall world title. The 45th edition of the brilliant Dutch tradition is programmed to run on Saturday 8th alongside catamarans and windsurfers.
Sunday, 26 May 2024 18:08

- Mathis Ghio and Nia Suardiaz take the men's and women's titles in Turkey
- The day began with the Golden Ticket race, a rabbit start and long distance format
- Simon Burner (GBR) and Iset Segura (ESP) win the Golden Tickets
- The yellow bib wearers prove unstoppable in the finals

Nia Suardiaz and Mathis Ghio have taken the gold medals at the WingFoil Racing World Cup Turkiye after commanding performances in the medal series. The 17-year-old Spanish rider dominated the women’s competition this week. “I never expected to win as many races this week,” she said. “The girls are pushing so hard.”

Saturday, 25 May 2024 16:53

- Six heats in the finals to decide which nine riders get into Sunday's medal series
- Rattotti, Tomasi and Klusznzynska among today's race winners
- Ghio and Suardiaz take pole position and yellow bibs for medal series climax
- But... revolutionary 'Golden Ticket' format means ANYONE can still win overall
- Negative publicity over plastic waste looks set to trigger environmental change in the Izmir region of Turkiye

Friday, 24 May 2024 17:01

Six short-course races in bright sunshine and wind from 12 to 22 knots
Nia Suardiaz is over early in first start, but five wins keep her on top of women’s standings
Plastic debris in the water requires some mental gymnastics from the riders
Mathis Ghio maintains overall lead with six wins from six heats
Gold fleet racing takes place on Saturday for the top 14 men

Some riders complained about plastic in the water ruining their races on day three of the WingFoil Racing World Cup Turkiye. Others found a way of winning race after race despite the plastic obstacles lying in wait to catch them out.

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