Saturday, 30 March 2024 15:07

The Secretary General is calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting on decision of the President. The meeting will be held on Monday 27 May 2024, 0900 UTC.

After successfull integration of the IWSA within World Sailing, it is now time to broaden the policy setting to a wider membership. The outgoing Executive Committee is therefore calling for elections of all Executive Committee positions except the Technical Committee Chair and the Athletes' Representative.

The following positions will be elected:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary General
  • Two other members of the Executive Committee

The agenda will be as follows:

  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Candidates
  3. Explanation of the voting system
  4. Any Other Business

The meeting will be held via online video conference. Voting will be held after the meeting by the participants of the EGM via electronic ballot.

Full members (having paid their membership fee by 1 March 2024 or within one month after joining the association) will be contacted by email with nomination and registration details.

Sunday, 10 December 2023 09:21

- Another big breeze day to decide the men’s and women’s podiums in Jericoacoara
- Nia Suardiaz won the women’s contest
- Mathis Ghio edged the men’s win but...
- ... the incredible performance of ‘Golito’ was the highlight of the day
- Ghio retains his world title
- Maddalena Spanu wins her first world title

Nia Suardiaz and Mathis Ghio have won the WingFoil Racing World Cup Brazil after Jericoacoara delivered another high-wind, high-drama day in paradise.

It was also the day when the World Champions were crowned after a season of five events in Abu Dhabi, Lake Garda in Italy, Silvaplana in Switzerland, Cagliari in Sardinia, and finally in Jericoacoara, Brazil. Not only did Mathis Ghio win the day in Jeri, the Frenchman has become the World Champion for the second year running.

Friday, 08 December 2023 22:53

- The windiest day ever in the history of the circuit, wind gusting over 30 knots
- Nia Suardiaz has won 16 out of 18 women’s races
- Francesco Cappuzzo closes the gap on men’s leader Mathis Ghio
- A radical format change, the ‘Golden Ticket’, means ANYONE can still win

Nuclear gusts gave Francesco Cappuzzo the ammunition he needed to close the gap on Mathis Ghio on a barnstorming day three in Jericoacoara, the venue for WingFoil Racing World Cup Brazil.

Thursday, 07 December 2023 22:19

- Another big breeze day of 25 knots, and seven exhilarating races
- Suardiaz extends the women’s lead
- Mathis Ghio takes the men’s lead despite bladder problems
- Germany's Yannik Holste and Venezuela's 'Golito' squeak into Gold Fleet
- Rafferty Read narrowly misses Gold Fleet but there is a potential reprieve on Saturday

Seven high-wind races made for another exhausting but exhilarating day two of competition in Jericoacoara, the foiling paradise venue for WingFoil Racing World Cup Brazil.

Wednesday, 06 December 2023 22:07

- Big breeze on day one, gusting up to 30 knots
- Long-distance races and rabbit starts kick off the action
- Bastien Escofet takes the men’s lead ahead of world champion Mathis Ghio
- Nia Suardiaz is the women’s leader ahead of world champion Paula Novotna

You would never know he’d been away for six months, but Bastien Escofet foiled right to the top of the leaderboard after a phenomenally windy first day in Jericoacoara at the WingFoil Racing World Cup Brazil.

Not that the French professional has been away from the wing, it’s just that his focus has been on freestyle rather than the racing discipline. “I have been training hard with the other guys like my flatmate Julien [Rattotti], but they have been going faster than me so it’s a nice surprise to be at the top after today,” said Escofet.

Tuesday, 05 December 2023 23:17

 4 days of long-distance and short-course racing out of Vila Kalango in Jericoacoara in the north of Brazil
Open competition with a wide array of different wing and foil equipment
Defending men’s and women’s World Champions, Mathis Ghio and Paula Novotna, among the competitors
The final of five events in 2023 to determine who will take this year’s world titles

The WingFoil Racing World Cup Brazil is about to begin, with four days of high speed foiling competition from 6 to 9 December. A world-class field of international competitors is looking forward to competing in a combination of long distance and short course races at one of the most idyllic venues in the world, the oasis of Jericoacoara in the north of Brazil.

Even if this wasn’t the most important event on the wingfoil racing calendar, riders would still fly from every corner of the world to race out of Vila Kalango, the luxury resort that makes the athletes so welcome in Jericoacoara. It takes more than 20 minutes driving by 4x4 through the sand dunes to reach this idyllic seaside village. It’s seclusion is what makes Jericoacoara so seductive.

Sunday, 22 October 2023 17:16

Perfect onshore breeze of 11 to 14 knots made for a fan-friendly Medal Series climax
Majestic 16-year-old Maddalena Spanu of Italy dominates for victory in the women’s contest
Mathis Ghio wins men’s gold
Ernesto de Amicis storms through three knockout rounds to take bronze

The WingFoil Racing World Cup Sardinia reached a thrilling crescendo as the crowd on Poetto Beach cheered the riders through each round of the Medal Series. In the end Mathis Ghio of France prevailed in the men’s competition and Maddalena Spanu of Italy in the women, but there was plenty of drama that led up to that point.

Saturday, 21 October 2023 17:22

Another day of tricky offshore wind varying from 8 to 18 knots
Six short-course Gold Fleet races in the men, five for the women
Maddalena Spanu of Italy is one race away from overall victory
Ghio takes the yellow bib from Ratotti in the men

On day three of WingFoil Racing World Cup Sardinia the riders were only returning to shore as the sun was setting over Poetto Beach after another challenging session of races in ever-changing offshore breeze.

Friday, 20 October 2023 20:44

Six short-course qualifying races in offshore wind varying from 6 to 28 knots.
Maddalena Spanu of Italy has yet to be beaten in the women’s competition
France’s Julien Ratotti maintains a slender lead in the men
Big improver of the day was Josh Armit with three wins for the Kiwi
The Men are now split into Gold, Silver & Bronze Fleet for Saturday

Six short-course races in offshore winds varying from 6 to 28 knots kept the international riders on their toes - or tipped them into the water - on a dramatic second day at WingFoil Racing World Cup Sardinia.

Thursday, 19 October 2023 20:50

Two long distance races with spectacular rabbit starts in 10 to 17 knots of wind
France’s Julien Ratotti uses a new double-profile wing for an upwind speed edge and two bullets
Maddalena Spanu of Italy wins both races in the women’s competition
Today’s results are used to divide the men into three qualifying groups for short-course racing
17 women will race in their own short-course fleet

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